Owens Valley Career Development Center's Culture and Resource Fair

December 2, 2016

The Owens Valley Career Development Center (OVCDC) in Porterville provides services to Native American families living in Porterville, Ducor, Lindsay, Springville, Strathmore and Richgrove.  Located near the Tule River Reservation, the center provides services to a large number of Tule River Yokut tribal members and their descendant,  as well as members of the Choctaw, Cherokee, Western Shoshone and Gila River Pima, to name a few. The OVCDC  Culture and Resource Fair,  which was open to for public, featured Native American artists and provided resources for the community.

Top: Team Vidak District Representative Rogelio Caudillo held Mobile District Office Hours to answer question and provide assistance on state-related issues to folks that attended the Resource Fair.

Bottom Left: Native American art was available for sale at the OVCDC Culture and Resource Fair in Porterville.

Bottom Right: The Culture and Resource Fair was well attended.