Vidak Earns Perfect Score from Small Businesses

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) has earned a spot in the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)/California’s coveted “100% Club” for his perfect voting record on legislation that has a significant impact, either negative or positive, on small business.

NFIB annually tracks the voting records of each member of the state Assembly and Senate.  The voting record provides an evaluation of a legislator’s attitude toward small business.

“It’s easy to claim to be a friend of small business – it’s another thing to put your votes where your rhetoric is,” said NFIB/CA State Executive Tom Scott. “Senator Andy Vidak’s 100% NFIB voting record is a testament to his steadfast support for small businesses in the Valley and across California. As a small business owner, Andy knows first-hand the challenges to growing a business in this state which is why he votes consistently to protect our job creators from additional taxes, mandates and complex regulations.” 

The NFIB/California Voting Record is developed by selecting key bills that have been voted on by the Legislature based on NFIB member policy priorities, and on which every member of the Legislature had an opportunity to cast a vote.  The votes on those bills are then recorded and a percentage is determined for each member of the Assembly and Senate. 

“Small business is the backbone of California’s economy, so it is imperative we oppose policies that hurt and support policies that protect small businesses and the jobs they create,” said Vidak.  “I applaud NFIB/CA for the ‘reality check’ its annual Voting Record provides.”

NFIB assessed California legislators on 12 bills vital to the health of small business in California during the 2016 half of the 2015-16 legislative session. Twenty-nine legislators had impressive 100 percent scores; however 62 legislators failed small business this year with scores ranging from 27 percent to just 8 percent.

A copy of the NFIB/California Voting Record with Andy’s votes can be viewed by clicking here.