Vidak's News & Views: December 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays Folks —

As many of us will find ourselves with family and friends enjoying the holidays over the next few weeks please also keep in mind that there are many folks out there not doing as well this holiday season.

I’m speaking of course of all the hardworking families facing continued unemployment in the Valley as well as hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country whose lives have been turned upside down by raging fires, flooding, hurricanes and a whole host of other disasters.

Please try to lend a hand to a neighbor in need or give something no matter how small to a charity or non-profit who will be working to brighten someone’s day.

Also please be sure to give thanks to all the first responders and veterans you see who put their lives on the line every day to protect our families, our homes and our freedom.

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If there is anything that I my staff and I can do for you, please feel free to contact us anytime. Team Vidak has offices in Bakersfield (661-395-2620), Hanford (559-585-7161), Fresno (559-264-3070), and Sacramento (916-651-4014). You can also email me at

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January 2018 Job & Career Expo

On Thursday, January 25, Team Vidak will be teaming up with Tachi Palace and Coca-Cola to host Team Vidak’s fourth annual Central Valley Career and Resource Expo at Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino.

“With high unemployment in the Valley, my goal is to connect people looking for a job with employers who have current job openings,” said Vidak. “If you are an employer with jobs to fill, I hope you will attend this event. ”

Job applicants attend this Expo because they know that their chances of landing a job at this event are much higher than at a traditional job fair. Last year’s Expo featured over 85 employers, and over 400 job applicants attended.

In addition to employers with jobs to fill, San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC) will be providing job-seekers with free career development workshops at the Expo.

The comprehensive series of live workshops to help job-seekers develop a successful job-search strategy and get tools to land a job include:

  • Job interviewing
  • Resume review/writing; posting it and employers perspective
  • Social networking/job search strategy
  • Dress for Success
  • Lasting impression at job fairs

If you are a company or government agency with job openings and would like to be part of the Expo, or if you would like more information about the Expo, please contact Claudia Salinas in Senator Vidak’s Hanford district office at 559-585-7161 or

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Things we might see in 2018

We’re already hearing that with the numerous fires that ravaged California this Fall and Winter, some politicos will be seeking more tax hikes next year to pay for the cost of fighting the fires and rebuilding communities. While there is no dispute that the fires have taken, and will continue to take, a toll on our state, the idea of jacking up taxes on the struggling middle class, working poor and unemployed is probably not the best solution. We’ve already seen massive tax hikes on Californians the last few years and at some point its got to stop! We call all think of plenty of things the state wastes money on (the Governor’s pet High Speed Rail for one) that should be eliminated so the money could be used elsewhere.

The California Water Commission is due to finally start making some funding decisions about how to spend money from the 2016 Water Bond the voters approved. At the top of the Central Valley’s list would be building Temperance Flat which is needed to store water that will help prevent droughts in dry years and prevent flooding during wet years. This project has been in the planning stages for decades and the Governor and his appointees on the CWC need to do the right thing for people who live and work in the Central Valley and approve Temperance Flat without any more delays.

A recently announced change in leadership in the California State Senate may help the Central Valley. State Senator Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) has been announced as the new Senate President pro-Tempore, which is the leader of the California State Senate. I have worked with Senator Atkins in the Senate and previously when she was Speaker of the Assembly, and while we may have different philosophies of governing we do share a common goal of bettering the lives of Californians. In particular, Senator Atkins will not be dismissive of the Central Valley and in fact was very helpful in securing funding for a vitally needed Cross Valley Canal while others chose to abandon the agreement to fund the project. I look forward to working with her on a bi-partisan basis

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Highlights of January's Legislative Schedule

California Senate Seal

January 3, 2018 — Legislature reconvenes

January 10, 2018 — Governor must submit his proposed 2018 — 19 budget to the Legislature

January 31, 2018 — Last day for measures introduced in 2017 to move to the other house of the Legislature

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