Vidak: Villaraigosa is right -- unfunded healthcare promises are 'Snake Oil'

Senate Bill 562 offers only false hope
Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today issued the following statement regarding Senate Bill 562, a measure authored by Democrat Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, which was approved by the Senate today:

“Former Democrat Assembly Speaker and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently told the Sacramento Bee that ‘Anybody proposing to you something like that (unfunded health care) . . . is trying to sell you snake oil.’  (Capitol Alert, May 03, 2017)

“Villaraigosa is right, unfunded healthcare promises like SB 562 are snake oil.  It is holding out false hope to working poor and struggling middle class families.  Lara’s own staff estimated the cost at $400 billion, yet Lara intentionally put no funding source in his bill.

“Lara and other Democrat politicians who have their own Senate-funded health insurance are disrespecting and showing contempt for the most vulnerable in our state by proposing an empty shell such as SB 562.”