Vidak Urges California Congressional Delegation to Expedite Immigration Reform

Monday, September 9, 2013

Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) sent the following letter today to the 55 members of the California Congressional Delegation urging them expedite the enactment of commonsense and compassionate immigration reform:

Although you are faced with a number of pressing issues as you finish up your legislative session, I am respectfully requesting that you make immigration reform a top priority.

The current immigration system is clearly broken and not working for anybody.  Thank God U.S. government officials are finally talking about immigration reform, but it is important for the economic vitality of this state that you take action before you adjourn for the year.

California is home to many immigrants and they make important contributions to our economy, particularly in agricultural areas like the Central Valley.  The people in my district who are working hard and paying taxes are a positive contribution to our economy here in the Central Valley and deserve an opportunity to gain legal status.

We need commonsense reform that provides strong border security and creates an immigration system that provides legal status so that our friends and neighbors can come out of the shadows.  We need compassionate reform that does not break up families. And we need reform that helps further integrate these hardworking people into our society and communities.

I am asking that you quickly come to a consensus and immediately enact meaningful immigration reform.  The future prosperity of California depends on it.

Thank you for your work to make this possible.


Senator, 16th District

For a PDF copy of the letter, click here.