Vidak: Senate Approves Anti-farmworker appointee for the ALRB

Rivera-Hernandez repeatedly voted to not count the votes of farmworkers
Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sacramento Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today voted against the reappointment confirmation of Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez as a member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB).

“For the last 16 years Rivera-Hernandez has participated in the steady decline, rot and corruption at the ALRB,” said Vidak.  “The ALRB has basically become the chief enforcer for the UFW.”

In May, the 5th Appellate District of the State Appeals Court issued a blistering 138-page ruling in favor of farmworkers and ordered the ALRB to count the votes of farmworkers at Gerawan Farms from an election to decertify (discontinue) the UFW union as their bargaining representative.

At the behest of the UFW, the ALRB has for years refused to count the farmworkers’ votes from that election.

The court ruling against the ALRB stated:  “In essence, the ALRB so narrowly focused on punishing the employer (Gerawan) that it effectively lost sight of the correlative statutory value of protecting the farmworkers’ right to choose, which is a fundamental part of the Board’s mission under the ALRA (Agricultural Labor Relations Act). We believe the Board’s one-sided approach constituted legal error.”

Vidak voted against confirming Rivera-Hernandez and stated:  “How sad that the California State Senate has approved one of the most anti-farmworker members ever to serve on the ALRB.”

The Senate Floor vote to confirm Rivera-Hernandez was 23 - 10.