Vidak Response to Governor's Budget Proposal

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) issued the following response to Governor Brown’s proposed 2016-2017 Budget:

Funding Developmental Disability Services
With budget surpluses projected to be in the billions, funding developmental disability services should be a top priority of this year’s budget.

High-Speed Rail
Cap and Trade dollars should NOT be used to fund High-Speed Rail – it is a gross polluter that will destroy farms, homes, businesses and families.  Those funds should instead be used to invest in current transportation infrastructure to create jobs, and improve statewide and regional transportation needs, such as improvements to Highways 99, 41 and Interstate 5.

Dangers of Realignment
Continuing to fund the early release of criminals is endangering our communities and is certainly NOT saving the taxpayers the dollars promised. The program needs to be scrapped and prisoners need to be returned to state prison.

No Tax Hikes Needed
With budget coffers overflowing with excess funds from the Prop. 30 – the tax hike of 2012 – there is absolutely no need to raise taxes for health care and/or transportation.

Transportation Inspector General Needed
This budget should fund a Transportation Inspector General to investigate Caltrans and the High-Speed Rail Authority and then report back to the Legislature any instances of fraud, waste and abuse.  This could save the state billions of taxpayer dollars, as has been the case in many other states.

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