Vidak Responds to Latest Poll Showing Majority of Voters Want to Stop High-Speed Rail

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) issued the following response to a statewide poll released Thursday that shows voters want to stop High-Speed Rail:

Poll after poll shows California voters want to stop throwing taxpayer-dollars down the rat hole that is High-Speed Rail.  This latest poll ought to be a reality check for the governor, and others, who continue to stubbornly ignore the will of the People.

According to the latest Hoover Golden State Poll, a majority of Californians want to stop high-speed rail and use the money to build water storage, instead. The survey research firm YouGov administered and designed the poll in partnership with Stanford's Bill Lane Center for the American West, and sampled 1,800 Californians (age 18 and above) statewide from Nov. 30 to Dec. 13, 2015.

Here is the question that was posed:

Thinking about California’s infrastructure, some people are working on putting a proposition on the ballot that would ask voters to approve ending the California High Speed Rail project, and using the unspent money currently tied to that project for water storage projects instead. If you were voting today, would you vote for or against a ballot measure ending the High Speed Rail project and spending that money on water storage projects?

The answer:  53 percent of Californians said they would vote to end High-Speed Rail, while only 31 percent support High-Speed Rail.

In a news release about the poll, Hoover Institute stated:

Hoover Institution research fellow Carson Bruno said, “Whether it is continuing to fund the high-speed rail, pushing forward with the Delta tunnels, revisiting how to reduce petroleum use or designing a new model for funds for transportation infrastructure maintenance, Gov. Brown and the legislature will find difficulty in convincing the public that their approach is the best. Bruno added, “While elected officials obviously have their preferred policy causes, they must not forget the priorities of those who sent them to Sacramento."

“California’s electorate is, in a word, adult,” said Hoover Institution research fellow Bill Whalen, who follows California politics and policy. “Despite the distractions of an election year and surplus revenue to spend in Sacramento, it expects lawmakers to act responsibly and sensibly.”

Vidak has been fighting to stop High-Speed Rail since he was elected to serve in the Senate in 2013, including introducing legislation, bill amendments, independent audits and court review requests.  Following are links to more information on some of Vidak’s efforts to stop High-Speed Rail:

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