Vidak: Now Governor, Will You Finally Support an Audit of High-Speed Rail?

Senator's call for state audit after new federal report cites 50 percent or more in cost overruns, more missed deadlines, etc., etc., etc...
Friday, January 13, 2017

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today issued the following statement concerning a blistering article in today’s Los Angeles Times that cited federal sources and reports indicating California’s High-Speed Rail is on the verge of a catastrophic financial collapse:

Today, I have asked yet again for the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) to authorize the non-partisan and highly-respected California State Auditor to immediately initiate an audit into the California High-Speed Rail (HSR) Authority.

Previous audit requests by me, and many others, have been defeated (primarily along party lines) at the order of Governor Jerry Brown, who is pinning his legacy hopes on the money pit known as High-Speed Rail.

Today’s bombshell revealed in the LA Times article includes a reference to a new federal report which cites “confidential” documents showing that officials with the High-Speed Rail Authority have known for quite some time that the real costs of their train will go up yet another 50 percent.

Let’s see, initially the promise was that the state would “only” put in $9 billion, then it went up to an estimate of $100 billion, now it may go up to $150 billion.

I think Democrat Congressman and former State Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Mark DeSaulnier was right when he said that HSR could cost well over $350 billion to complete.

If the governor continues wasting money on his train, then his legacy may well turn to out to be one of deficit, deceit and denial.