Vidak Joins Call for Special Session Legislation on Water Crisis

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today joined other Valley legislators requesting that the governor call a Special Session of the Legislature to address the state’s water crisis.

“Addressing the water crisis should be the governor and Legislature’s number one priority,” said Vidak.  “The governor has already called two special legislative sessions this summer to address transportation and health – the water crisis warrants its own special session.”

There are widespread reports that as much as half of the $687 million set aside to help drought-stricken communities remains unspent in state accounts, and the state is dragging its feet distributing the funds raised as a result of the voters passing the water bond last year, both reasons cited by Valley legislators urging the special session in a recent letter to the governor.

“When Sacramento bureaucrats call for more water conservation as a solution to the crisis, they don’t understand that many folks in the Valley can’t take shorter showers or water their lawns less, because they literally have no running water,” said Vidak. “A special session provides increased focus on an issue and can speed up consideration of needed solutions.”