Vidak introduces bill to require the state to follow the same pay frequency laws imposed on the private sector

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today introduced Senate Bill 1234, which will require California state agencies to pay their employees at least twice per month.

Current state law requires private sector employers to pay their employees twice per calendar month on days designated in advance as regular pay days. Employers have the option of paying their workers once per week, every two weeks, or twice per month.

But the law conveniently exempts California state agencies from this requirement. Section 220 of the California Labor Code allows California state agencies to pay their employees just once per month.

“This is another instance where the State of California has imposed a regulation on businesses and exempted itself from the rules,” said Vidak. “SB 1234 is a simple way to help all of our state workers, especially the lower paid ones, while also holding the State to the same standards it requires of the private sector.”

Research shows that employees, especially hourly, non-salaried employees, prefer to be paid more frequently. The most preferred pay schedule is weekly, while the least preferred is monthly (source: Entrepreneur).

According to the State Controller’s Office, approximately 94% of state employees (roughly 220,000 workers) are paid just once per month, while the remaining six percent (roughly 13,500 workers), which includes legislative employees of both the Senate and Assembly, are paid at least twice per month.