Vidak to de Leon & Lara: Schedule a hearing on the Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act

“Time for the Senate to stop enabling sexual predators”
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today sent the following letter to Senate President pro-Tempore Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles):

The Honorable Kevin de Leon, President pro-Tempore
California State Senate
State Capitol, Room 205
Sacramento, CA  95814

Dear Senator de Leon:

Please consider this a formal request that you, and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Ricardo Lara, schedule a hearing for the first week in January to hear Assembly Bill 403, the “Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act.”

For four years, you and Senator Lara have blocked this measure from receiving a vote on the Senate Floor.

It is time for the Senate to stop enabling sexual predators.

AB 403, and its predecessors AB 1788 (2016), AB 289 (2015), and AB 2065 (2014), have all been approved unanimously by the Assembly and the Senate Judiciary Committee, only to later be buried without a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

If the “Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act” had been enacted, perhaps some of the horrible acts recounted at yesterday’s Assembly Rules Committee hearing could have been prevented, or at least dealt with in a manner much more fair to the female victims.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.  I, along with the rest of the Capitol community, await your response.


Andy Vidak