Team Vidak Supports Adventist Health's Community-Based Initiative

Monday, March 5, 2018

Team Vidak Supports Adventist Health's Community-Based Initiative

Andy met last month with Adventist Health to hear about a brand-new project that they are getting off the ground.

The not-for-profit healthcare organization is working with World Vision to provide items to community members in need in the Central Valley.

World Vision has a partnership with Costco, which sends trucks loaded with new items into poor areas. Adventist Health will distribute these items to organizations that serve those in need in the Central Valley. They received their first truckload on February 1 and it included a new bathtub, 60 space heaters, toys, cases of diapers, food, dining room tables, sleeping bags, a kayak, appliances, freezers and more.

Here’s how it works: Non-profits request to become a pre-qualified partner with Adventist Health. Once they’re approved, they stop by and pick up the items that they need. As an example, a church that operates a drug recovery home recently stopped by and they were given items along with paperwork to become a community partner with Adventist Health.

Adventist Health has asked our office for help in connecting organizations across our four Valley counties to the gifts. They have another truck with goods that just arrived and would like to have a list of nonprofits and their needs. Please call our office at 559-585-7161 to give us your information and we will connect your organization with Adventist Health.