Senator Andy Vidak Urges Vigilance on Citrus Pest Threat

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hi Folks –

I’m reaching out to you today because of what literally could be a death sentence to the citrus industry and the jobs it brings to our Central Valley.  The Valley is the state’s #1 citrus producer.

The recent discovery in the Valley of the Asian Citrus Psyllid – known as ACP – could devastate the $2 billion citrus industry and the thousands of jobs it provides if the ACP succeeds in spreading a disease deadly to citrus.

I voted for, and the state Legislature recently passed, Assembly Bill 571, which adds $5 million a year from the general fund to pay for research and programs to help fight citrus pests and the diseases they carry.

I am urging the governor to sign AB 571 to help the Valley fight this threat to our citrus industry, our jobs and our economy.

Folks in the Valley need to be on the lookout for the pest, especially if you have citrus trees in your yard.

The tiny bugs are coming in from out of the area, so it’s important to only buy plants and trees from certified local nurseries.

ACP is a serious threat to the Valley and everyone should learn about how it can be stopped.

To find out how you can help stop this serious threat to our Central Valley, our jobs and our economy, click here or visit

Thanks for your vigilance!


To read the letter Andy sent to Governor Brown requesting he sign AB 571, click here.