Senate Democrats Kill Vidak Bill to Reimburse Special Elections

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sacramento – Today Democrat leaders on the Senate Appropriation Committee killed Senator Andy Vidak’s (R-Hanford) measure to reimburse counties for the cost of special elections.

Senate Bill 967 would have required the state to reimburse counties for the entire cost of holding special elections to fill the vacancy of a member of the state Legislature or Congress.

Under current law, counties must bear the cost of special elections. As a result, affected counties must allocate funds away from essential services to pay for the election.

“Money that could be used for police, fire, health, education and other vital services is being wasted on unexpected special elections, many of which are the result of legislators leaving office before the end of their term,” said Vidak.

Since 1990, 58 members of the Legislature have resigned their office in the middle of their term. While a vast majority of them left to assume other public offices, many have resigned early to take corporate government affairs positions.