Minkler Business Tour

July 29, 2016

Team Vidak was in the City of Minkler to meet and greet with owners and employees of local businesses, including Minkler Cash Store and Birds Nest Unique Finds.

Picture (top) - Team Vidak’s  Sarah Shannon (pictured) and Claudia Salinas toured Minkler Cash Store, a local business that has been serving the Minkler community since the 1970’s, and met with the store’s owner who discussed the history behind the cash store that has been operated by her family for generations.

Picture (bottom left) - Team Vidak District Representative Claudia Salinas is pictured in from of the bright turquoise tire that greets you outside of the Birds Nest Unique Finds shop  in Minkler, California. Claudia and Team Vidak Intern Sarah Shannon met with family-owned business and browsed the shop, which offers a collection of handmade gifts from local vendors and artists.