Lemoore Naval Air Station Change of Command

October 17, 2016

Lemoore Naval Air Station held a Change of Command ceremony to honor Captain Monty G. Ashliman, the outgoing Commanding officer of Lemoore NAS, to Captain David C. James, the incoming Commanding Officer Naval Air Station Lemoore.  Change of Command ceremony is a time-honored tradition, which formally restates the continuity of the authority of command.  It is a formal ritual conducted before assembled company of the command as well as honored guests and dignitaries.  The ceremony has become a tradition for the United States Navy.  The heart of the ceremony is the formal reading of official Orders by the Officer to be relieved and the relieving Officer.   Team Vidak District Director Paula Vinzant and District Representative Weston Anderson attended the ceremony and wished Captain Ashliman a fond farewell, as he has been the commanding officer of NAS since Andy took office in 2013.  Andy has toured the NAS Lemoore and worked with Captain Ashliman on water allocations, bird strikes and bringing new fighter planes to NAS Lemoore.  Captain Ashliman thanked Andy for his support and encouragement.

Top Left: Team Vidak’s Paula  Vinzant (right) and Captain Monty Ashliman (left)

Top Center: Very exciting Fly By!

Top Right: Air and Rescue helicopter does the opening fly by, you can see the F-18 in the background as they make their approach.

Bottom Right: Captain Monty Ashliman (left) being recognized with the Presidential Gold Star by Rear Admiral Y.B. Lindsey

Bottom Left: Team Vidak’s Weston Anderson on the ceremonial grounds of the Change of Command at NAS Lemoore.