Independence Day in Mexico

September 25, 2017

Independence Day in Mexico celebrates the “cry of independence” on September 16, 1810, which motivated a revolt against the Spanish regime and eventually led to Mexico declaring independence in 1821.

Team Vidak District Representative Claudia Salinas and Maddy Institute Intern Katie Ramirez attended the celebration to thank the Consulate of Mexico for hosting an event that honors the 207th Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.

Top Left: David Preciado, Consul of Mexico in Fresno giving welcoming remarks and presenting the Ohtli Award.

Top Right: Fresno Councilmember, Paul Caprioglio; Team Vidak’s Claudia Salinas; Team Vidak’s Katie Ramirez; and Fresno Mayor, Lee Brand.

Bottom Left: Many gathered from various communities, organizations and entities to celebrate those from around the nation who took part in the struggle for independence.

Bottom Right: Military Marching Band from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico (CBTIS No. 41) leading the community through the “El Grito De Dolores” which has been used for many years to pay tribute to national heroes.