Bullet train needs a voter review

By Senator Andy Vidak
Friday, September 20, 2013

Upon further review.

Those words are now very familiar to fans of the National Football League and big-time college football in an effort to make sure officials "get the call right." As California moves forward with the controversial high-speed rail project in our Central Valley, I'm asking elected officials to give voters another look at the project.

It is clearly a different version than what the voters approved in 2008.Back then, voters approved a project that they were told would cost $35 billion. Those cost estimates have now ballooned to as high as $100 billion — nearly three times the original estimate. And there is no private investment lining up to help cover the ever-increasing costs as we have repeatedly been told.

When voters approved the project five years ago, they were told that the bullet train would make the trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco in two hours and 40 minutes, reaching sustained speeds of 220 miles per hour. A ticket from Southern California to the Bay Area would cost $50.Today it is estimated that the trip will take closer to four hours, meaning that the 220 mph promised will never materialize on key areas of the track.

The projected cost of the ticket has now doubled to $100.The only thing moving faster than the current boondoggle of a project is the skyrocketing costs!