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Why I voted 'No': Deception dodges transparency

July 10, 2016
Fresno Bee - A guest opinion article written by Andy that was published in the Fresno Bee.

California's Climate Change Revolt: Democrats reject green schemes that raise energy costs for the non-rich

September 14, 2015
Wall Street Journal - The environmental lobby has tried to turn climate change into a social justice issue even though its anticarbon policies disproportionately harm the poor. Honest Democrats are starting to admit this, as we saw in this week’s stunning revolt in the California legislature.

'Local Edition' Interviews Andy on Drought/High-Speed Rail

March 4, 2014
Local Edition - Andy discusses the need for water storage and stopping High-Speed Rail on TimeWarner cable TV’s ‘Local Edition’

Senator Vidak: President & Congress Have Rare Opportunity to Create Sensible Water Policy for All Californians

February 18, 2014 - President Obama should be commended for making it a priority to tour California’s Central Valley this past week to see firsthand the impact of the state’s worst drought in history.

Andy Responds to the President's Fresno Visit on Fox Business News

February 14, 2014
FoxBusiness - Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs interviews Andy on the catastrophic drought and the president’s visit to the Central Valley.

Morning Joe: Is Protecting One Fish Leading to Drought?

January 27, 2014
The National Review’s Charles Cooke joins Morning Joe to discuss how efforts to protect the Delta smelt fish in California are helping lead the region into manmade drought. Video here .

California State Senator Andy Vidak hears High Speed Rail concerns from Fresno business

October 29, 2013
ABC reports on Andy’s “Whistle-Stop-the-High-Speed-Rail” tour with a long-time business that is in the path of the bullet train.

52% want bullet train stopped, poll finds

September 28, 2013
Los Angeles Times - California voters are showing signs of buyer's remorse over the $68-billion bullet train project, poll finds.

Valley lawmakers weigh in on gun bills

September 25, 2013
Hanford Sentinel - Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford, called them a “knee-jerk response” to recent acts of gun violence. Many were introduced following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. In an open letter to Brown, Vidak asked the governor to veto all of the pending measures. “...