February 15, 2014
Being a farmer is not an easy career path. It’s a calling, a tradition, a labor of love and a way of life. We farmers work hard – dawn to dusk, year-round – and agonize when our harvest is threatened, but we know that our livelihood feeds people and creates jobs, results that provide satisfaction like no other.
September 30, 2013
I thought you might be interested in an article that ran in the Los Angeles Times (9/28/13) about a recent poll that shows 70 percent of Californians want a revote on High-Speed Rail. Although my effort in August to put a re-vote on the 2014 ballot was shot down by the majority party, momentum is clearly building in our favor. Let’s keep the pressure on Sacramento to stop this nonsense. Our tax dollars would be better spent on sustainable water, creating jobs, quality education and public safety for our Central Valley.
September 20, 2013
Upon further review. Those words are now very familiar to fans of the National Football League and big-time college football in an effort to make sure officials "get the call right." As California moves forward with the controversial high-speed rail project in our Central Valley, I'm asking elected...